Shaun the Sheep (Aardman Animations Ltd, 2007) 26/26 DVDRip

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Shaun the Sheep (Aardman Animations Ltd, 2007) 26/26 DVDRip

Notapor paula_1926 » Mié Jun 13, 2007 4:22 pm

Shaun the Sheep

Aardman Animations Ltd, 2007 - Sin diálogos -

Viendo a Rex the Runt publicado por Pickpocket me acordé de los avances de esta preciosa serie de Aardman, que tiene el sello del mismo director de Rex, Richard Goleszowski, aunque trasluce por supuesto los talentos de Nick Park, Alison Snowden y David Fine.
Siendo una serie de TV para niños -territorio en el cual a veces uno tiembla ...- es inteligente, tiene consistencia, ingenio, y una realizacion absolutamente disfrutable.
Imagen Imagen

Tal parece que hay 26 episodios, tomando la data disponible publico toda la lista, que aunque falte localizar / comprobar la numeración de unos cuantos ya se irá completando la lista.

Genre Animated children's television series
Created by Nick Park
Developed by Richard Goleszowski
[url=]Alison Snowden
David Fine
Voices of Justin Fletcher
Kate Harbour
John Sparkes
Richard Webber
Theme music composer Mark Thomas
Opening theme Sung by Vic Reeves
Country of origin United Kingdom

De Wikipedia:
Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated children's television series produced by Aardman Animations. The show is aired in the UK, on BBC One weekdays at 3:45 p.m., and on the CBBC Channel Sundays at 6 p.m. starting 5 March 2007.


The character first appeared in the 1995 Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit short film A Close Shave. Sucked into Wallace's Knit-o-matic contraption, the sheep is accidentally shorn, so Wallace names him "Shaun" (a joke that Americans rarely understand). Shaun later appeared in the 2002 Cracking Contraptions episode, Shopper 13, ostensibly to rescue a wayward wheel of cheese.
The popularity of the character, as expressed in the success of Shaun the Sheep merchandise, led to this spinoff series of 40 7-minute episodes
A premise of the series is that Shaun the sheep exhibits human intelligence, creativity, and behaviour in a barnyard, which usually provides a situational comedy conflict which Shaun must resolve before the end of each episode. Recurring themes include the characters evading the sheepdog Bitzer and avoiding discovery by the Farmer. In the first episode, a stray cabbage bouncing into the field provokes an impromptu football game. In the second episode, a freezing cold sheep dip sends Shaun on a commando raid to get hot water from the Farmer’s bathtub.

Episodes are a combination of slapstick and classic silent comedy in Aardman’s recognisable animation style. There is no spoken dialogue, even by human characters. In this way it is reminiscent of early silent comedy films and even Pingu.

Dos clips de la realización de Shaun The Sheep:

Tambien se pueden ver avances de los distintos EPISODIOS.


1 Off the Baa!
When a cabbage accidentally rolls into the field, a game of football breaks out
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep01 - Off the Baa.avi [61.09 Mb] 
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep01 - Off the Baa_.avi [56.33 Mb] 

2 Bathtime
Shaun and the flock go on a mission to try and get hot water for their sheep dip.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep02 - Bathtime.avi [164.66 Mb] 
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep02 - Bathtime_.avi [56.08 Mb] 

3 Shape up with Shaun
Shirley the Sheep has gotten even heavier, so Shaun puts her on an exercise regimen
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep03 - Shape up with Shaun.avi [57.10 Mb] 

4 Timmy in a Tizzy
Timmy is inconsolable when the farmer takes away his teddy bear, but Shaun and the flock get it back.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep04 - Timmy In A Tizzy.avi [58.49 Mb] 

5 Scrumping
Those pesky pigs have taken all the apples, and wont let the sheep have one - they didn't count on Shaun!
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep05 - Scrumping.avi [49.43 Mb] 

6 Still Life
The farmer's turned artist, but will Shaun and pals play along?
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep06 - Still Life.avi [49.48 Mb] 

7 Mower Mouth
Goats will eat anything, including the sheep's grass - whilst they look on in horror!
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep07 - Mower Mouth.avi [49.10 Mb] 

8 Takeaway
Sheep can't order pizzas, can they? Noone told Shaun and pals, as they strip the scarecrow and head off into town.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep08 - Take Away.avi [49.33 Mb] 

9 Bull
Shaun turns matador when a new addition joins the flock.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep09 - The.Bull.avi [49.47 Mb] 

10 Saturday Night Shaun
It is party time, shaun finds the farmer's old records. So Shaun and his friend's are having the party of a life time, but it will be harder than they thought to keep it secret from the farmer.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep10 - Saturday Night Shaun.avi [49.45 Mb] 

11 The Kite
What's more fun than a kite on a windy afternoon? Nothing when Shaun and pals are concerned.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep11 - The Kite.avi [49.41 Mb] 

12 Little Sheep of Horrors
Little lambs shouldn't watch scary movies, as Timmy finds out to his cost.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep12 - Little Sheep Of Horrors.avi [49.81 Mb] 

13 Buzz off Bees
Something's different around the field, Shaun and the flock decide to investigate.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep13 - Buzz off Bees.avi [49.03 Mb] 

14 Fleeced
It's time for a haircut for Shaun and his pals, but is the Farmer really the right man for the job? Not after his first attempt!
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep14 - Fleeced.avi [49.71 Mb] 

15 Shaun Shoots the Sheep
Shaun finds a camera and sets about taking everyone's photos, whether they want it or not. Are there some prima donnas among the flock?
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep15 - Shaun Shoots the Sheep.avi [49.35 Mb] 

16 Big Top Timmy
Little Lamb Timmy joins the circus tonight, but will he make it in show business?
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep16 Big Top Tommy.avi [49.66 Mb] 

17 Fetching
With Bitzer head over tails in love with a local lass, can Shaun keep the flock in order?
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep17 - Fetching.avi [50.30 Mb] 

18 Mountains Out of Molehills
With the flock in a dancing mood, not even a molehill can spoil their fun... or can it?
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep18 - Mountains Out Of Molehills.avi [49.29 Mb] 

19 Who's the Mummy?
Shaun finds himself out of his depth when newly hatched chicks believe he's their mummy, aw.
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep19 - Who s the Mummy.avi [49.85 Mb] 

20 Things That go Bump
Strange noises are scaring the flock, Shaun goes to investigate...
eD2K link Shaun The Sheep S01 Ep20 - Things That Go Bump.avi [49.82 Mb] 

21. Der kaputte Traktor (= The Broken-down Tractor)
Shaun and friends attempt to save a tractor destined for the scrap heap.
(En alemán. Doble capítulo: - Who's the Mummy? -The Broken-down Tractor)
eD2K link Shaun das Schaf (Shaun The Sheep).05.(Eng 1x19).Wer ist die Mami_06(Eng 2x).Der Ricks.mpg.avi [154.71 Mb] 

22. Schluckauf (= Hiccup)
Shirley's got the hiccups - can Shaun find a cure?
(En alemán. Doble capítulo: - Little Sheep of Horrors -Hiccup)
eD2K link Shaun das Schaf (Shaun The Sheep).07.(Eng. 1x12).Horrorschaf_08.(Eng. 2x) Ricks.mpg.avi [155.77 Mb] 

23. Spuren im Beton (= Marks on Concrete)
Wet concrete promps Shaun and pals to creat their very own Walk of Fame. Can Blitzer keep the concrete clean?
24. Die Schatzsucher (= The Treasure Hunters)
Will metal detectors reveal anything interesting to Shaun and Blitzer?
(enlace a los dos capítulos juntos, títulos y canción iniciales en alemán)
eD2K link Shaun das Schaf S01 Ep23 Spuren im Beton_Marks on Concrete - S01 Ep24 Die Schatzs...sure Hunters.mpg [365.09 Mb] 
(En alemán, sólo Marks on Concrete)
eD2K link Shaun das Schaf (Shaun The Sheep).09.(Eng. 2x).Spuren im Beton._10.(Eng. 2x).Die Ricks.avi [163.44 Mb] 

25. Der Ausflug (= The Excursion)
While the sheep visit the fair, can Blizer convince the farmer that everythings normal?
26. Waschtag (= Washing Day)
When the farmers clothesline gets used as a ride can the sheep rewash the clothes before the farmer returns?
(enlace a los dos capítulos juntos, títulos y canción iniciales en alemán)
eD2K link Shaun das Schaf S01 Ep25 Der Ausflug_The Excursion - S01 Ep26 Waschtag_Washing Day.avi [163.14 Mb] 

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Notapor pickpocket » Mié Jun 13, 2007 4:24 pm

Yo me los bajé hace un tiempo y son muy recomedables.

En cualquier caso, quería felitarte por tu mensaje, muy cuidado y trabajado, enhorabuena. :adios:
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Notapor pa6sur » Jue Jun 14, 2007 1:55 am

I know, we're listing ed2k ressources here, but I just can't help mention on demonoid, there's the whole first serie (episodes 1-20) in 1 pack,
ripped from hd broadcast / encoded @ 960*540
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Hilo actualizado

Notapor paula_1926 » Jue Jun 14, 2007 1:53 pm

:flecha: Se han agregado nuevos episodios, en este momento hay 21 publicados.

pa6sur: Your post is great help, for sure. Thanks! :birra:
ed2k ressources together with direct download build up a powerful combination!
It just occured to me to find out if the series was available, as I said, once I saw Rex the Runt's happy face in the previous message. And it has been a big surprise indeed to find it widely spread!

Gracias Pickpocket :ains: por tu comentario
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Notapor seiyuro_hiko » Lun Jun 18, 2007 10:12 pm

ed2k links for the HD version would be more than welcome.... specially since demonoid won't allow new memberships
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Notapor Sublimotrust » Mar Jun 19, 2007 12:38 am


Lo bueno es que siempre tienes ganas de más historias de Shaun y sus amigos peludos. Tendré que mirar hasta cual tengo bajado, aunque creo que tengo todos, nunca se sabe.

Animo, a que postee más gente que quiera pasar unos momentos divertidos.
Subimos más alto aun, cayendo por nubes de lija y mimo
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Notapor paula_1926 » Mié Jun 20, 2007 4:48 am

Saludos! ya hay enlaces nuevos, con lo que estarían completos los 26 episodios.
Verán que los capítulos que están en alemán tienen una numeración (y orden en algún caso) distintos.
Preferí no cambiarlos y sólo listarlos detallando el contenido tal como están enumerados en una de las presentaciones, ya que si terminamos generando demasiadas versiones creo que se vuelve caótico.
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