A Donald Richie Film Anthology (1962-1968) DVDRip

Elinks de cortometrajes de cine experimental & underground (Experimental short films) cuya duración no exceda o sea igual a 45 minutos (<= 45 min.)

A Donald Richie Film Anthology (1962-1968) DVDRip

Notapor satantango » Vie Jul 28, 2006 7:50 am

Gracias a Trep por los ripeos


http://www.midnighteye.com/interviews/d ... chie.shtml
http://globetrotter.berkeley.edu/people ... -con0.html

Donald Richie is well known as the foremost Western scholar of the Japanese cinema. Novelist, essayist, film critic, he has also written, directed and edited a number of films, and produced his own experimental shorts in the 1950s and 1960s.

Though relatively unknown in the rest of the world, these films have had a seminal influence in Japan. While his work attracted strong interest in that country, the audience, in Richie's words, "just vanished" as the 60s' counter-culture returned to their day jobs.

Still, the films remain an important part of a seminal period in Japanese contemporary arts and are rightly gaining a new audience both in Japan and abroad.

The Western view of Japan is revealed as a view in a mirror: we look at Japan, but we see ourselves. The distinguished film critic, author and film-maker Donald Richie explores this theme, inspired by the festival's extensive Japanese programme and particularly by the series of 'imaginings' of Japan by Western directors presented under the rubric 'Bridge in the Rain'. Donald Richie has lived in Japan since 1954, he is recognised as one of the world's experts on Japanese cinema and its history. His curatorial activity includes retrospectives of Ozu, Yanagimachi, the Japanese Film and Japanese Experimental Film. From 1968-73 he was Curator of Film at the Museum of Modern Art, NY. As a film critic he has published widely and currently contributes to the International Herald Tribune and The Japan Times. His many books on Japanese cinema include the ground½breaking history The Japanese Film: Art and Industry (with Joseph Anderson, 1959) and he also written extensively on other aspects of Japan in The Inland Sea and collected essays A Lateral View and Partial Views. To mark the occasion of his Serge Daney lecture, the festival has invited Donald Richie to present a programme of his own films. In the late 1960s, having made short films since the 1940s, Richie produced a startling, influential and very personal series of experimental films. Very much in tune with his film-making contemporaries in the US, in these films he explored new narrative or diary approaches to film, but at the same time they were a strong and profound response to his experiences and encounters in Japan. As such, these films provide a further commentary on the theme of a Westerner's observation of Japan, from a perspective that is nevertheless steeped in that culture.


Donald Richie Presents his Work
video: 320x240 00:11:43 23.97fps XviD 203Kbps
audio: 48KHz 00:11:43 Stereo 130Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - Extras - Commentary - Fixed AR.avi


Wargames (1962)
video: 576x432 00:22:08 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:22:08 Stereo 139Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - 01 - War Games.avi


Atami Blues (1962-67)
video: 576x432 00:20:24 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:20:24 Stereo 140Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - 02 - Atami Blues.avi


Boy with Cat (1967)
video: 576x432 00:05:32 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:05:32 Stereo 139Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - 03 - Boy With Cat.avi


Dead Youth (1967)
video: 576x432 00:13:31 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:13:32 Stereo 139Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - 04 - Dead Youth.avi
Subtítulos en inglés


Five Filosophical Fables (1967)
video: 576x432 00:46:33 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:46:33 Stereo 139Kbps mp3
Yukio Mishima's own favourite!

eD2K link Donald Richie - 05 - Five Filosophical Fables.avi


Cybele (1968)
video: 576x432 00:19:43 23.97fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz 00:19:43 Stereo 139Kbps mp3

eD2K link Donald Richie - 06 - Cybele.avi

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Notapor kimkiduk » Vie Jul 28, 2006 11:38 am

Tremendo despertar de esta manera Oo
Gracias Satantango :si:
Cualquier consulta o petición mándame un privado. No uso emule ni ningún programa de descarga por el momento, así que no podré recompartir películas.
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