Lyrical Nitrate (Peter Delpeut, 1991) DVDRip VO

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Lyrical Nitrate (Peter Delpeut, 1991) DVDRip VO

Notapor satantango » Vie Jul 28, 2006 7:26 am


In the early years of cinema, film stock was made of nitrate -- a highly unstable substance that easily burst into flame... or simply decomposed into a heap of dust. Yet the images registered on this fragile stock had incredible beauty and visual richness, often enriched by hand tinting. Dutch director Peter Delpeut has carefully pieced together fragments from these early, painted nitrate films, most dating from the years 1905-15. Though "Lyrical Nitrate" tells no story in the traditional sense of the word, it calls up a nearly-forgotten film history and reminds us of the glory that existed when cinema was just beginning as an art.

Compiled by director Peter Delpeut from disintegrating films made from 1905 to 1915 and found in an Amsterdam movie house attic, Lyrical Nitrate is a meditation on the nature of watching movies. Until around 1955, the base of film stock was nitrate, which slowly deteriorates over time. Thus, the compiled footage is silent, dramatically emphasized by operatic music and added sound effects, and mostly in black and white, though some fragments are in color. While some of the clips are merely (though quite engagingly) evocative, others act as short linear narratives. Most riveting are the enactment of a failed romance in a shipwreck's wake and a hand-tinted Crucifixion scene - of note due to how it gets pathos across without brutality. By the end, one is reminded that its manipulation is one of film's most salient traits.

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Gracias a Faeton (DXC)


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Notapor 45emerito05 » Vie Jul 28, 2006 7:52 am

Un bonito regalo, como siempre, pinchada sin dudar

Gracias satantango

:amo: :amo: :amo:
como alcalde vuestro que soy os debo una explicacion
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Notapor kimkiduk » Vie Jul 28, 2006 12:14 pm

Yo también me apunto a este vendaval
gracias St
Cualquier consulta o petición mándame un privado. No uso emule ni ningún programa de descarga por el momento, así que no podré recompartir películas.
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