War nurse (1930, Edgar Selwyn) Anita Page VHSRip VO

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War nurse (1930, Edgar Selwyn) Anita Page VHSRip VO

Notapor initiant » Mié May 16, 2012 9:45 pm

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War Nurse (1930 - Edgar Selwyn) Robert Montgomery, Anita Page


War Nurse
Director: Edgar Selwyn
genres: Drama, War, precode
United States 1930
Writers: Becky Gardiner
Cinematography by Charles Rosher
Cast: Robert Montgomery, June Walker, Robert Ames, Anita Page, ZaSu Pitts, Marie Prevost, Hedda Hopper, Helen Jerome Eddy, Eddie Nugent, Martha Sleeper.
Premiere Info: New York premiere: 22 Oct 1930
run time: 79 min.

This film tells the tale of a group of young "war nurses". The opening scenes show them drinking and thinking that being a war nurse will be relatively easy. This is especially apparent with the character played by Anita Page. Most of these girls are unprepared and have no idea of what they are about to go through. Soon enough, the harsh realities of war hits them in the face.
Among them are Babs, head nurse, who becomes the focus of attention for Wally O'Brien, an American aviator in the French Army; Joy, a pampered and convent-trained daughter of a rich American who experiences great difficulty in adjusting to her environment; and Kansas, a studious and naive teacher from the country, who is constantly amazed at the horrors of war and the actions of the nurses in the emergency hospital. Kansas dies during an attack on a convoy in which the nursers are traveling. Joy falls in love with Robin, whom she later discovers to be already married, and when ordered home returns to the front-line hospital. There she finds the badly wounded Robin, who dies after telling her he has always loved her. Joy dies a short time later, after giving birth to her child during a bombardment. Babs takes care of the baby, and at the end of the war Wally finds her in Paris, where he proposes that the three become a family.

War Nurse was based on the anonymous memoirs of an American nurse who served with the French Army during WWI. Since the nurse's recollections included several sexual episodes, the book gained a degree of notoriety, and it was assumed that the material was too "hot" to be adapted to film. But MGM scriveners Becky Gardiner and Joe Farnham managed to retain the spirit of the original novel while still remaining safely within the boundaries of Hollywood censorship. Broadway actress June Walker starred as the title character, here named Babs, whose many romances are crystallized into a single passionate affair with downed aviator Wally (Robert Montgomery) and a less-serious entanglement with a married officer named Robin (Robert Ames). Perhaps to atone for the "sins" of the original novelist, Anita Page appears as Babs' friend Joy, who comes to a sad end after being betrayed by Robin, who likewise dies an unpleasant death. War Nurse failed to make back its $600,000 budget, whereupon June Walker, who wasn't too keen on movies anyway, returned to the stage.
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Gesamte Bitrate                          : 1 235 Kbps
Codec-ID                                 : XVID
Codec-ID/Hinweis                         : XviD
Dauer                                    : 1h 19min
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Breite                                   : 640 Pixel
Höhe                                     : 496 Pixel
Bildseitenverhältnis                     : 1,290
Bildwiederholungsrate                    : 23,976 FPS
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.149
Stream-Größe                             : 640 MiB (92%)

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Dauer                                    : 1h 19min
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Bitrate                                  : 96,0 Kbps
Kanäle                                   : 2 Kanäle
Samplingrate                             : 32,0 KHz
Stream-Größe                             : 54,3 MiB (8%)

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Re: War nurse (1930, Edgar Selwyn) Anita Page VHSRip VO

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Re: War nurse (1930, Edgar Selwyn) Anita Page VHSRip VO

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